Caught in the Act: When Parents Are Away, Grandparents Will Play

Grandparents are the perfect built-in babysitters when you’re in a pinch. But unlike caregivers, who you’ve spent weeks researching and interviewing before granting them the position, grandparents tend to be a bit lax when it comes to rules. There’s a reason why your kiddos love sleeping over at Grandpa and Grandma’s house all the time!

This was the inspiration behind Storyville Photography photographer Heather Smith’s recent photo shoot. “Mom and Dad will be here soon…Here’s a life supply of sugar just for giggles,” Smith jokes while sharing a series of silly photos on Facebook. “Can anyone relate?” In the photos, the carefree kiddos and their grandparents are downing cookies, candy and other treats like there’s no tomorrow. Instantly going viral, parents and grandparents alike can clearly relate to the snapshots.


The idea for the photo shoot came to Smith one day after discovering her mom was guilty of sneaking candy to her daughter. “My mom had taken my daughter, Kendalyn, out with her for the day. About a couple hours after they got home, my mom turns to me and goes, ‘I have to come clean…I let Kendalyn have a lollipop while we were out,’” Smith tells The Bump. The mom, who rarely lets her kids indulge in sweets, couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. “Grandparents get away with everything,” she comments.

Growing up, two of Smith’s grandparents passed away when she was young, and her other two grandparents lived in a different state. As a result, she wasn’t able to see them all that often. Even so, they still had a sweet stash at the ready. “They never had a shortage of hard candies to hand out whenever we visited,” she recalls.


The photographer’s children are extremely close with their grandparents, and although Smith and her family live in Maryland and her parents live in Michigan, they love making visits whenever possible. “We have been spending the summer with them in Michigan…and it has been nothing but adventures, laughs and fun memories made.” And yes, candy is of course involved. “They’re totally enjoying their sweets with their grandchildren!”

Whether newly minted grandparents or grandma and grandpa four times over, the bond between grandparents and their grandkids is unlike any other. Take a look at these heartwarming photos capturing the moment grandparents first laid eyes on the newest addition to their family.

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