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This Is Not A Pregnancy Announcement (Unfortunately)

Courtesy of Kel Pitts This is the absolute hardest thing I have ever written. This is the story about losing a baby I so badly wanted. This is my miscarriage story. Almost immediately after having our son, we were being asked when we planned to have a second baby (side note, don’t ask people that). It wasn’t until he was two that we felt ready to start trying to grow our family with another sweet babe. Prior to making this decision, we had talked about it for […]

These Moms Are Normalizing Breastfeeding For Plus-Sized Moms

Katie Cloyd/Instagram So, you’re fat, expecting a baby, and you want to breastfeed? Good news! The size of your body doesn’t have to stop you from trying. Breastfeeding as a fat mom might require some adjustments, but you can totally do it. Since I’m just a mom and not a lactation professional, I’m not going to give you a long, technical list of tips and tricks to make it work. I’m just here to share my experience, set your mind at ease, and cheer you on. Your […]

Confessions Of A Pediatrician: I Bed-Shared With My Newborn

Scary Mommy and Prostock-Studio/Getty I remember lying in my bed after my second delivery in severe pain. With my first delivery, I had already endured a C-section.  Four years later, I wanted to experience a “natural” delivery.  I opted for a VBAC (vaginal delivery after C-section). The VBAC quickly turned into an emergency where the maternal fetal medicine physician gave me two options: Get this baby out now, or undergo an emergent C-section. My mind flashed back to the arduous recovery of the C-section. I really wanted […]

Katy Perry Hopes Her Baby Is A Girl, And That Is Perfectly Fine

Ryan Pierse/Getty I’m sure you have heard the news: Katy Perry is pregnant She and fiance, Orlando Bloom, are expecting their first child together this summer. She’s obviously over the moon about this exciting time. Perry took to the stage at the Women’s Cricket World Cup in Melbourne, Australia telling her fans she hopes she’s having a girl. Cue the outrage from folks who can’t mind their own damn business. People felt the need to chime in with their unsolicited opinions, shaming her for having thoughts and […]

When It Comes To Infertility And Insurance, The Odds Are Against LGBTQ Couples

Courtesy of Jessica Reyman To date, my wife and I have been on our fertility journey for a little over one month. In that month, I have been poked and prodded. My blood has been drawn, and dye has been injected into my uterus. I have been x-rayed, and received a booster of a surprisingly painful vaccine because my immunity to a certain disease had waned over time. I have spent hundreds on ovulation predictor kits to track my cycle for the past six months, and have […]