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1.1Kshares If you’re wondering what to do about the whole bathing suit situation, let me start by saying you […]

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How To Adjust Your Birth Plan During COVID-19

Prostock-Studio/Getty For many pregnant women, their “birth plan” is everything. Oftentimes we enter the labor and delivery experience with high hopes, specific expectations, and dreams of how it’s going to go. Epidural… without drugs… home birth… hospital birth… pushing in a bed, in a squat, or in a pool… each of us has thoughts and preferences, rules even, of how we want to bring our babies into the world. Some of us want only our significant others there; others bring an entourage and a  professional photographer. In […]

Fellow White Women: We Must Support the Fight for Reproductive Justice—Especially in the Time of COVID-19

Scary Mommy and Courtney Hale/Getty I was lucky. I had the biggest baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. My son was born a full-term and healthy baby boy. He was sent to the NICU to monitor a breathing issue, jaundice, and a heart murmur—all issues that turned out to be temporary and minor. He was released from the hospital five days later. Those five days were a blur. I was exhausted from a multi-day labor and left weak from a postpartum hemorrhage. Yet I walked to […]

Denver police fire pepper balls at man yelling that his pregnant fiancée is in car – NBC News

The Denver Police Department is investigating an incident from last week that was caught on video and has gone viral showing officers spraying pepper balls at a man who is screaming that he has a pregnant woman in his car. Videos of the incident, which happened early Saturday morning, shared on Twitter and YouTube shows the man getting out of his stopped car to yell at officers: “You shot up a car with a pregnant woman in it, with f–king tear gas.” It’s unclear what happened before […]

When Choosing A Newborn Photographer, There’s More To Consider Than Artistic Ability

Nicole De Khors/Burst Newborn photography has become somewhat of a parenthood staple in America. I mean, is there anything quite as wholesome as a photo of your fresh squeeze all curled up, swaddled like baby Jesus in a muslin cloth, while showing off their best gummy grins to the camera? It. Is. Bliss. And what makes it even more adorable and memorable is when you’re able to get those shots during that perfect window of time at five to 14 days following birth — that week-and-a-half “sweet […]

Northwestern Study of Pregnant Women with COVID-19 Finds Placenta Injuries – WTTW News

(culturarte86 / Pixabay) During pregnancy, the placenta is the first organ to form. It connects the mother and developing fetus, providing nutrients to the fetus and removing its waste through the mother’s blood. Thanks to our sponsors: It’s very important developmentally, according to Dr. Jeffery Goldstein, the senior author of a recent study that found pregnant women who tested positive for COVID-19 had injuries to their placentas. “This is a reason for concern, but not fear,” said Goldstein, an assistant professor of pathology at Northwestern University Feinberg […]