Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil – 200 ml

Product Features

  • Helps improve the appearance of new and old scars
  • Helps prevent formation of stretch marks during pregnancy and help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks
  • Helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone
  • Helps smooth and tone ageing, sagging and wrinkled skin on both face and body
  • The UK’s No.1 selling scar & stretch mark product – IRI HBA/OTC, 52 w/e 9 Aug, 14

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2 Responses to Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil – 200 ml

  1. cindyrella says:

    amazing product I have purchased bio oil in the past & used it but not every day so didnt really see any results, since buying the 200ml bottle i have used it everyday or night & i am seeing results even after a few weeks. I bought this as i felt my skin tone was uneven & dry & was making me look older, im only 38 but have dry & sundamaged skin. My skin tone has become more even & looks moist with a nice sheen so feels a little bit younger already. Definately worth a try & the price is amazing half price…

  2. Luca Clark says:

    Excellent on stretch marks, I use other products with it for great skin care I lost some weight recently and was shocked to find small stretch marks on my upper arms and neck. Didn’t expect that to happen, it was only a little over a stone. I was really uncomfortable, and stopped going sleeveless or short sleeves which is ridiculous. My cousin handed me a bottle of this after getting tired of my complaints, and it really helps. I put it on at night after my shower, I think warm skin helps absorb oil better. Don’t look for immediate results, it takes a couple of…