Besafe Driving Pregnancy Belt (With ISOFIX)

Product Features

  • BeSafe Pregnant iZi Fix gives THE unborn child the necessary protection when wearing a three-point belt :
  • Pregnant iZi Fix should be used at the beginning of pregnancy , as this case of accident or emergency braking a miscarriage can be avoided by placental detachment .
  • Prevents the lap belt over the abdomen and uterus runs : BeSafe pregnant does not change the operation of the 3 – point belt in the car , he supports the right position of the lap , so you always have the correct belt position

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3 Responses to Besafe Driving Pregnancy Belt (With ISOFIX)

  1. Paula Morfitt says:

    This was bought not for pregnancy but to keep the …

  2. Nicki990 says:

    Can’t imagine travelling in a car without it

  3. Anonymous says: