Babymoov Dream Belt Maternity Sleep Support

Babymoov Gürtel für Schlafkomfort

Komfortgürtel mit elastischem Mittelteil, der den Bauch stützt, folgt Ihren Bewegungen und hält seine Position während der ganzen Nacht. Zwei Taschen aus Memory-Schaum zum Abpolstern des Kreuzes. Kombination mit Schwangerschaftskissen möglich. Waschbar bei 30°C

Product Features

  • The first sleep belt that guarantees mums-to-be get a Good night’s sleep!
  • The belt stays in position all night long and follows the pregnant mum’s movements
  • Stretchy cotton central part that Hugs the pregnant mum’s bump nicely
  • 2 elastics that support the bump firmly
  • 2 side parts made of memory foam for optimum comfort

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3 Responses to Babymoov Dream Belt Maternity Sleep Support

  1. Lilyfae says:

    Oh yes, for pregnancy and post partum recovery, fills the gap that a body pillow misses. Worth every penny.

  2. Mistyange says:

    Innovative Babymoov Dream Belt Maternity Sleep Support – Just brilliant Highly recommended for any pregnant woman, sleep is previous but good quality sleep is rare in pregnancy so this is worth every penny especially if coupled with something for knee (and maybe huggy) support. It seems expensive but the experience of a good nights sleep in pregnancy is more than value for money and will help you feel somewhat human again.And continue using in post-partum recovery period! For pregnancy I recommend wearing under your pyjama bottoms so you can pee without…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Babymoov make wonderful products for Mum to be, Mummy and baby too. My daughter is almost 20 weeks pregnant with her fourth baby and has been unable to get comfortable or have a decent nights sleep in a while. The Babymoov Dream Belt Maternity Support product she tells me is a godsend, she feels so comfortable and relaxed that finally the sleep she has been craving is possible. The belt itself is so comfortable and supportive it is helping her chronic backache too which in itself helps her…