Baby Boot Camp

A paperback. Pub Date: 2010 Pages: 160 Publisher: Sterling Created specifically for the the postpartum body this Safe and Highly effective fitness program enables How can an mum to get back in shape … all the while playing with her Infant or withtoddler To make things even better. the workouts take only nine minutes! Its the perfect way for busy mothers to squeeze some ‘me’ time into their already hectic days. Baby Boot Camp contains the strength exercises and stretches a new mum needs. with one base routine plus variations per chapter. No equipment is necessary for the basic exercise (except. sometimes. baby); subsequent variations may incorporate hand weights. And every part of the body is targeted. The books unique format makes it easy to get started right away: mum simply finds the section that matches her babys age … and saves the rest for later!

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2 Responses to Baby Boot Camp

  1. LeighUK says:

    There needs to be a dvd to this book It took me a while to get started with this book but once I did it was brilliant. I now do the exercises with another mum from my NCT group every Friday. But I also find myself doing a few extras during the week just to amuse my 4 month old son, he absolutely loves to watch/participate in me doing these exercises. One word of caution, I got ambitious and did some press-ups with him (laying flat on the floor on my back and using him as resistance to push my arms up). Great exercise to do, but…

  2. Emma Bacon says:

    Fun with baby Really like this book – we put on upbeat music and do this at least every other day! It’s hard to time 30 seconds etc when you’re juggling a baby, so we tend to do numbers of repetitions and not be too anal about the exact length of each bit of the workout – usually about 20 minutes in total rather the 9 minutes suggested. It’s a great book for ideas and exercises that you can do with your baby though. The aerobic pushchair suggestions are a bit rigid and not particularly useful as we tend…