Baby B Pregnancy Journal – Silver Start from 4 Weeks (Silver)

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2 Responses to Baby B Pregnancy Journal – Silver Start from 4 Weeks (Silver)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good book, simple for moms to be who are short on time Pros: simplicityStarts at 4 weeks (for some reason many start at 8?)Birth plan isn’t so “planny” has place fornthoughts, notes, a packing list and phone numbers and people to contact.Pages are bright white and look pretty against the grey and mint color and feels calming and happy.Folder pages to keep things (shaped like clouds and stars in back)Weekly size of babyPlace to put cravings (i’ll stick aversions and milestones in there as there is plenty…

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOVE this pregnancy journal LOVE this pregnancy journal. My first pregnancy I ordered some super expensive, bulky pregnancy journal off Etsy. I used it but it was almost overkill. So with my second pregnancy I wanted something smaller and simpler. I found this and I really, really like it! It has the perfect amount of space and because it isn’t overkill—it makes it easy to fill it out and keep up to date. Each week has designated information/questions it asks and space to write them (How I feel/What I have been up…