Am I fertile?: Fertility diet notes, exploring nutrition, mindset and lifestyle

Are you looking for some inspiration to help you to conceive? This is a brief but insightful overview of the many factors that influence your ability to have a baby. Find in here the many strands of influence: health, diet, breathing, belief systems, stress and fears, and find support for further exploration. Mindset is a significant factor in this complicated area, shown no more clearly than in the number of couples who finally conceive after having adopted a baby.
While reading this you may well have Aha moments, when you piece together the missing parts of the jigsaw, which you hadn’t realised were part of the picture before. These may lead you to making those adjustments necessary to your thinking and lifestyle so that you conceive, and become a parent at last!

About the author
Catherine Holland is an inspirational author, covering many aspects of health and nutrition, including rebirthing breathwork, near-death experience, breastfeeding and self-help for treating pain. She is a rebirther, practising since 1989 to help people to live the life they choose to, letting go of past influences and beliefs that may come from their own birth. Her interest in fertility comes from recurrent miscarriage with a new partner after successfully having three healthy, breastfed, children, and realising that eating a large amount of soya had probably influenced her ability to maintain the pregnancies.

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