28 Day Fertility Diet ((Baby at 40))

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28 Day Fertility Diet is the authors response to hundreds of letters requesting specific and more detailed information about her diet which led her to successful pregnancy and overcoming her infertility.

28 day Fertility Diet is a cook book with dishes for each phase of the cycle – Follicular Phase, Ovulation, Luteal Phase, Menstruation

Different phases of the cycle require a woman’s body to produce different hormones and go through separate processes, so to maximize the chances of conceiving, it is paramount to eat foods that are advantageous to each phase.

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3 Responses to 28 Day Fertility Diet ((Baby at 40))

  1. Manchester says:

    Great advice A perfect fertile dietary book in every way. 28 Day Fertility Diet is professional, sophisticated, and straightforward, yet it’s also easy to understand and pleasurable to read at the same time, mainly due to the author’s conversational writing tone; it’s a great blend that makes the overall read not feel like a chore, while still staying incredibly informing. The recipes are all incredibly easy to follow and replicate but most importantly, they don’t sacrifice taste for healthiness – you…

  2. ALUSA says:

    I love the way the author writes.

  3. Kono says:

    Fantastic book