2 x One Step Male Fertility / Active Sperm Test + 3 x Female Fertility FSH Test Kits

Male fertility Tests The One Step® Male Fertility test kits are a unique home test that will indicate if a man’s sperm concentration is greater or less than the devices cut off point, 20 million sperm per mL of sperm. A positive result is going to be good news although it is not proof of fertility. A negative result suggests that the man should consult with his doctor as he is close to being sub-fertile, which is not all bad news, because it does at least save a couple months of trying for a baby when there maybe issues to resolve. This Male Fertility test kit will allow a man to test his fertility potential, privately and discreetly in his own home.

Female Fertility Test As I am sure you are aware a woman’s fertility starts to decline after she gets to 30 but what you probably did not know is that the hormone F.S.H. (follicle stimulating hormone) is intimately involved with a woman’s fertility and rising levels tend to be associated with reduced fertility. F.S.H. is the hormone that maintains the regular function of your ovaries and sex hormones and is a useful aid to assessing your fertility. This test is especially useful for women with irregular cycles and women aged 30 or over. 3 tests are included and if all 3 test results are positive it is an indicator of reduced fertility.

Product Features

  • Contains 2 male fertility sperm count tests
  • Female fertility 3 test strips included
  • 97% Accuracy
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Fully CE approved

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2 Responses to 2 x One Step Male Fertility / Active Sperm Test + 3 x Female Fertility FSH Test Kits

  1. Happyshopper says:

    Exactly as described very easy to read instructions. Would highly recommend to anyone A+ Item arrived the day after ordering. The item was well boxed which is a good thing if you want to keep your private business private from the postman or delivery driver! The instructions were very easy to read and straight forward. We received the results within a few minutes unfortunately for us it was not the results we wanted. Nevertheless it’s a great product for peace of mind for yourself and a lot cheaper than most tests out there! Good luck with everyone who’s buying this I wish use all…

  2. stephanie says:

    happy with product