2 X Laboquick Ultra Early Midstream Pregnancy Home Test

It can detect pregnancy up to 5 days after sexual intercourse, over 99% Accurate! World’s earliest test that can detect earliest pregnancy. The test can detect Hcg hormone which starts to secreted by start of pregnancy in very successfull way. With its having 10mIU /ml sensitivity it has no competitor in market. Test device has its own unique design. Lotus flower represents birth symbol, and stripes on device represents sperms and the reading window just Shows the eye of a new born life. Many users all over the World just keeps this device for first photo of new baby. *Quick and Easy to read results home test *Box of 1 test *CE for Home Self Testing *Simple, one step easy to use system. *Instructions Manual designed for use by non-medical professionals with clear, straightforward instructions. *Products packaged discreetly in plain, unmarked packaging.

Product Features

  • For Earlier Detection

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2 Responses to 2 X Laboquick Ultra Early Midstream Pregnancy Home Test

  1. Chelsea seal says:

    Worked fine.

  2. Anonymous says: