10 x Extremely Early 10mIU Pregnancy Test Strips

A pregnancy test detects the presence of hCG in your urine.The hCG is produced shortly after the embryo sticks to the uterine mucous.The amount of hCG will increase day to day.

We recommend that you test first thing in the morning, and that you don’t drink much liquid before, since that could dilute the urine sample, making the HCG more difficult to detect.

Dip the test in your urine sample for 10 seconds.Leave the test to work and wait for the coloured bands to appear.

Negative or positive?

A positive result is generally seen in 40 seconds, and the final result in less than 5 minutes.

More Information:

If the second line is very weak, this still indicates a positive result.

Each test is individually sealed with a desiccant sachet to prevent moisture damage.

Product Features

  • Sensitive – can be used up to 5 days before your period is due.
  • The most precise test- 99% effective when the test is taken a day after the period is missed.
  • 25mIU.

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